4 responses to “PRAGUE VI.

  1. Prague is a wonderful European city, and also she is memorial city for me 🙂 With my Dad, we did a great visit in 70’s years… I never forget… But I know time doesn’t stop and runs fastly, everything changes too… I really wish to visit again this beautiful city and I am sure My Dad’s soul will be with me too there… and I couldn’t stop my tears… Beautiful photograph… B and W gives another strong image. Thank you and also Thanks for visiting my blog. With my love, nia

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    • Thank you Nia for really kind words and visiting my blog. You are right, Prague is very nice city. It was my first and short visit there, but i wish to visit this beautiful city again too. Especially i want to see and take some photos of Prague in night.

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  2. yes I can imagine during night… But when I visited it was very old time and you know the regime was communism and S.S.C. times… The city seemed to me in the same colour, I mean people, shop windows, and building windows, there was a gray tone, and it was so gloomy but even it was like that, the city fascinated me. The towers, the famous bridge and yes, people, they were so polite and so nice… I really wonder todays Prague… You are w elcome, you almost took me to my memories. Have a nice day, love, nia

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