Thank you for visiting my photoblog – Almost Monochrome World. 

I´m an amateur photographer from Slovakia and I set up this area to share my images (mostly in b&w) with you.

I started taking pictures a few years ago and since I started looking through the frame of a camera viewfinder, the world suddenly became a different place. I’m trying to find beauty also in ordinary things around us.

I hope, you will enjoy my work. Have fun and leave me comment if you like something very much. If you would like to use any of my photos please contact me at martend04@gmail.com.

My website: 

Other places, where you can find my work:

18 responses to “About

  1. You’ve gained a new fan here, as I’ve always been truly amazed by black-and-white photography. Even though I seldom use it myself, perhaps out of respect for the medium, I have always found it fascinating. What I’ve seen of yours is pretty amazing.

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  2. Martin I love your simple clean compositional style and your marvelous BW processing techniques, outstanding. Im adding you to my Inspiration Blogs list 🙂

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