Antique Gauge – Ampere

Antique Gauge - Ampere

Prague X.

Prague X.

Astronomical clock in Old Times Square in Prague. It is also known as the Prague orloj and it is one of the most famous of this type of clock.


Today’s post is an answer to the question: Why Almost Monochrome World ? Just because from time to time i will update also images in color, or black&white with selective coloring.

I’ve chosen this one as a first example, because it is one of my favorite images and because this photo is a Fine Art Fantastic Award 2014 winner.

Fine Art Fantastic Award 2015 contest has already started.

Now you have a chance to win a KelbyOne annual membership worth 249 USD with hundreds of online-training courses to strengthen your photographic skills. For more Information please register on Google Plus and browse for the event ‘FINE ART FANTASTIC AWARD 2015‘ and ask the site FINE ART FANTASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY for an invitation. I wish a good luck  to all of the participants.

Red Wheel