Quirky Statues

Napoleon's Army Soldier


Schone Naci

Quirky statues in the center of Bratislava:

Napoleon’s Army Soldier – Statue leaning over a bench on Main Square (Hlavne namestie) in the centre of Bratislava. Tourists and locals both enjoy sitting on the bench with the soldier behind them.

Cumil – This guy, residing in the Old Town, dates back only to 1997, but Bratislavians and tourists love him. Children like to abuse him by sitting on his head.

Schone Naci – The stuff of Bratislava legends, Schone Naci was a well known figure in the early 20th century. A poor and mentally ill man, he paraded the streets of Bratislava in old, but elegant attire – a velvet frock, greeting passers-by with his top-hat and bowing courteously to ladies passing by.